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Tips On Dog Grooming Clippers

Dog grooming clippers are required if you need to clip your dog’s fur. Clipping is the most expensive maintenance to have if you have a dog. And this is especially true if the fur is very thick. If you don’t have your own clippers, then the grooming can be done by a professional, which can be very expensive.

In choosing a dog clippers, the price is a very important determining factor. Of course, more expensive clippers have more features. And these features are more advanced, like for example, having interchangeable blade sizes, multiple speeds, and a battery pack.

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If your dog has thick fur, your dog grooming clippers must have multiple blade sizes because it would take a while to clip the fur of your dog. Dog owners prefer the best dog clippers with a cord so they would just have to plug it into the electric socket if the battery needs charging while grooming the dog.

When one starts training his dog for routine grooming they should teach the dog to offer their paw every time you bring out the dog grooming clippers. In fact, with the help of the dog grooming clippers, one can check their dogs for a problem called ‘quick’ which is found particularly on a dog’s nail. Usually, dogs suffering from ‘quick’ have their nails blackened sooner or later.

Some grooming clippers come with grooming blade and comb or brush. This brush or comb is needed to brush off the coat that is trimmed or to brush out the coat that should not be included in trimming. The clippers too need to be serviced as part of their maintenance, like sharpening them together with the blades every year or so depending on how often they are used.

If your dog grooming clippers are used for personal use, then surely the clippers and the blade will not go dull easily as compared to when they are used commercially such as hosting a dog grooming salon. There are also times when you need to apply oil to the clippers’ mechanics inside the device. It could also be that the fur clippings of the dog will be sucked in while trimming.

The blade of the clipper is an important consideration when you purchase clippers. The higher the number on the blade, the closer is the cut. So, if your dogs have thick fur, you can start choosing your blade from numbers 5 and 10. These blades are efficient in clipping stubborn coat.

You can also play with other blade’s higher number depending on how you would want your dog to look after trimming. There are styles that would fit for certain breeds. Thus, you have to choose dog shampoo and grooming clippers that have interchangeable blades.


The comb mentioned earlier can also be used while trimming to help achieve professional results and even when you trim for your dogs. If the combs are separately bought, ensure that your dog grooming clippers will accept the comb attachment.